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ISPConfig 3 on AWS with RDS and Ubuntu 14.10

Setting up ISPConfig on AWS with an Ubuntu 14.04 image and MySQL RDS Features; Nginx RDS (MySQL) Ubuntu 14.10 EC2 VPC Dovecot Postfix ISPConfig Basically we are using the great guide below with modifications to suit Amazon’s AWS infrastructure. Setup a hostname on your machine;


Setup Docker PHP-FPM Nginx MySQL WordPress

How to setup Docker with Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL and WordPress. I was attempting to fix Nginx, MySQL, PHP-FPM and WordPress locally on my Mac with brew and decided the whole thing would be easier just to run in docker. I have split each service into its own

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Add custom signed certificates to Chef server 12

Pretty simple request and a simple answer. Under /etc/opscode is a probably empty file called chef-server.rb you can append the following values or run the below script (substituting your certificate and key names) if the file is empty.

If this is a fresh OS

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Backup and restore Chef server 12

Before moving a Chef server into production I needed to make sure that I’m able to perform a backup and restore. There is a great gem called knife-backup but from what I understand it isn’t able to copy user keys or the validator key so,


Resize Virtualbox disk

Resizing Linux guest disk running on a Windows host. This guest OS has a second drive which I’m expanding. To expand the guests main OS drive you would need to boot a linux live CD or use a GParted live cd. I’ll create another post


AWS ephemeral storage format script

I created this script so that I could utilise the free instance store provided with my EC2 instance as swap. Special swap instance stores are provided with m1.small and m1.medium instances (usually /dev/xvdb3) and mounted automatically (Unless you upgrade from a micro but that is another


Directly mount disk in virtualbox vm

At some point I came across the need to use a Linux VirtualBox VM to dd to SD card inserted into my mac. You might need this to dd an image of an OS or just access the disk directly for what ever reason maybe


Patch OpenSSL “heartbleed” vulnerability for Ubuntu

To update and secure Ubuntu against the latest vulnerability effecting OpenSSL (see vulnerable versions below) you can either update the entire OS or do the following (If you have packages you don’t want to update just yet). OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f (inclusive) are vulnerable OpenSSL


Bash script to manage Linux Iptables

Here is an attempt to create an easy initialisation script for Iptables. The basic idea is this script sets up all basic rules  including management on port 22 to all interfaces from any source address on your host, you can build on the rules from there. This script also


Rewrite author and committer email addresses on previous git commits

Lets pretend you had git config –global set incorrectly (or not set at all) and you commits were not recorded on’s contribution activity… Before you start its probably a good idea to clone your repository somewhere just incase.

To fix this ensure